Want me to review your book?

I read almost every kind of book that falls into any genre (except poetry). I have my favorites, but love to experiment. That’s the reason I began to review books – so that I could help the experimental readers find their next read. That and the fact that I love reading and writing. I won’t say that I’m an absolute review expert. But I’ve ghostwritten a whole lot of books myself so have some idea of what readers expect. I guess that means I’m not a noob either! And I think some people actually find my reviews helpful (or they’re lying because they’re nice!).

If you’d like to submit your book for review, simply fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you soon.

The only catch is that my reviews are honest. I’ll take up a review request on the basis of an interesting blurb (and sample chapter in some cases) and then publish my thoughts. They may not be what you expected me to feel, but they’ll be honest. And hopefully, they’ll help you broaden your reader base.


2 thoughts on “Want me to review your book?

    1. If you plan on publishing it soon and need reviews dome beforehand, I could definitely do that. Or if it is a private review that you’re looking for, sort of a beta reader, I could look into that too.

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