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The never-ending thrill!

I think most authors would agree that whether you’ve written your second book or your twenty second, the thrill of publishing day is never-ending. As a self-published author, it’s that moment when you get the email, click on the link and see your book in the online store for the first time! For traditionally published work, it could be the moment you get the call or that first copy that you can hold in your hands, and run your fingers over the name on the cover! Your heart jumps and then warms and finally feel this sense of completion – that after all those hours, days, months and even years, you finally have the final piece ready! Now, it’s just time for others to get a look at it.

I had all those feelings earlier today when my second short story got published!

A Bond Unbroken is a love story of two people forced apart by time and destiny, and their bond which continues to hold them together and brings them back. This 25 page story is perfect for a quick read and is available in the Kindle Store at

When I saw it up there, available for purchase, I felt everything from happiness to nervousness, and a myriad of emotions in between. So what do you feel when you finally see your book up for sale – online or at a store?

– Rishika

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Review: Love Across the Seas (By J.J. Alston)

Love Across the Seas
     Love Across the Seas

Length: 35 pages

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Candace has always struggled with her weight and being related to a sister who was slim, beautiful, confident and popular didn’t make it much easier. Over time, she had found comfort in who she was but one question still plagued her – Would a man be comfortable enough with who she was to love her?

Candace was living life as it came when she got the letter from Bali, speaking of the wonderful time that she had spent in Bali with Rio. The only problem was that Candace had never been to Bali, but Tiffany had. A simple misunderstanding and a wonderfully sweet letter sets forth a relationship between Candace and Rio through email. But will their relationship survive the truth? Will Rio really love Candace when he finds out who she really is? Or will fate intervene in a cruel act that will separate them forever?

My take:

Love Across the Seas is a wonderfully sweet, contemporary romance. Its short length makes it an ideal, quick read. And the story leaves you with the warm feeling that all romances aim to evoke.

The author has spun a tale that is rooted in a real world concern – beauty that goes further than skin deep. Candace, a sweet, caring woman, is left without love because of her plus size that most men do not bother looking beyond. And yet, even with her problems, Candace is shown to be a strong, loving woman, something that the author has brought out really well. The characters are easily defined, their problems and joys perfectly relate-able and their endeavors pull you in as you root for their success.

The book touches on all aspects of a traditional romance. You can feel the love that the characters share, you can feel their fears for the things that threaten that love and you can feel their unyielding desire to defeat the threats.

The book flows smoothly and manages to convey a satisfying and fulfilling read even in its short length. Love Across the Seas is perfectly suited for fans of romance, contemporary and otherwise and anyone who is looking for a good, quick lift-me-up read. So if you fall under any of those categories, you are sure to like this short, sweet romance novella.

You can buy your copy of Love Across the Seas at the following link:

– Rishika