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Book Review: The House of Twelve (By Sean Davies)

I received a free copy of this book from Voracious Readers Only in exchange for an honest review.


Thriller, Horror


146 pages


Twelve strangers wake up in a house with no memory of how they got there, nor of who they are. A set of rules awaits them. One, they will not be able to escape no matter how much they try. Two, there is limited food and water and no more will be provided. Three, the eerie music that plays non-stop will stop for one hour between 11 PM and midnight every night, and one person must die within that period. If no one dies, at midnight, they all will. Four, only one person can die and only when the music stops – whether by accident, suicide, or murder. If anyone dies when the music is playing or more than one person dies when the music stops, they all die. Five, there is one way, and only one way out – redemption.

And so begins the harrowing tale of twelve people pitted against each other in their fight for survival… survival at any cost.

Overall Rating:

4 out of 10


7 out of 10


2 out of 10

Primary Element:

6 out of 10 for its thrill

Writing Style:

4 out of 10

Part of a Series: 

Yes, this is Book #1 in the Houses of Penance series, followed by The House of Thirteen.

Highlighted Takeaway:

An interesting concept, and a tale that does not shy away from showing the worst that people can offer.

What I Liked:

The House of Twelve is full of action – the story moves along fast, and can be read in a single sitting (or a couple).

What I Didn’t Like:

In its speed though, the book forgoes on character development, to the extent that you don’t find yourself caring too much or rooting for any character at all.

Who Should Read It:

Anyone who enjoys fast-paced thrillers and may not care too much about depth of character will find this an easy read.

Who Should Avoid:

If you don’t like gore or violence, I would strongly recommend avoiding The House of Twelve. There is no dearth of either.

Read It For:

A quick vacation or weekend read if you’re a fan of thrillers.

Although I found Sean Davies’ The House of Twelve interesting, the lack of depth adversely impacted the reading experience for me. I wouldn’t actively purchase his books, at least of the Houses of Penance series, and it may be a while before I try any of his other books.

Share your comments on similarly themed books or other Sean Davies recommendations below. And as always, thank you for stopping by and reading this review!

– Rishika

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Book Review: City of Whispers (By Katherine Sorin)

City of Whispers Source: Goodreads
City of Whispers
Source: Goodreads

Length: 209 pages

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Life for Ailis Laurent changes almost overnight. Most of the people in New York, the place she just about manages to call home, have been affected by an epidemic. The result – only a handful of humans have been left human. The remaining have all turned into vampires. Cordoned off from the rest of the world to avoid the spread of the virus, the survivors are left to defend their lives against the growing number of vampires. But defending is not good enough. And as Ailis learns, sometimes, in order to survive, you need to become the hunter.

My take:

A gripping, edge of your seat read – that’s what City of Whispers is all about. I’m going to begin by saying that after the time of sparkling vampires (I mean… really??!) I’ve always been a bit wary of picking up a vampire based book. But Katherine Sorin managed to eradicate that tendency altogether with City of Whispers.

I couldn’t really put this book down and every time I had to, I could only wonder about what happens next. It moved wonderfully quick and didn’t have a dull moment. Every time you think ‘Okay, this has to stagnate now. What else is going to happen?’, something happens! I didn’t get a moment to get bored and the twists and turns were quite unpredictable. The style of writing itself is extremely engaging and it doesn’t take much to actually imagine what’s written. The words seem to paint pictures on their own with barely any help from your imagination.

The characters are really easy to associate with even though you don’t really know much about them from before the virus. And even though the exact beginning of the virus and its effects aren’t explained from the get go, there is no point at which you feel lost. Everything flows really smoothly and is intensely engaging. It made me stay up nights because I just couldn’t stop reading and put it away. And it was so captivating that it kept me at the edge of my seat, jumping at every tiny sound in the darkness of the night.

I got this book from And I have to admit that no book downloaded for free has been so interesting that I’ve gone right out and bought the sequel. But this one was. And the sequel is definitely next to read on my list.

If you’re a fan of anything post apocalyptic, vampire oriented (the ones that lust after blood) or if you like a quick, action packed read, you will definitely enjoy City of Whispers.

– Rishika