I’m a reader, writer, blogger, reviewer, and overall book worm. I spend most of my free time reading or writing (and making the time to do so). I enjoy traveling (and getting the chance to pull my otherwise dust-catching camera out of storage) and dabbling in photography.

I spent a good number of months writing books of varied genres and styles for others as a freelance writer. A few years ago, I self-published two books – both novellas in the love story genre – which are up for sale in the Amazon Kindle Store. You can find out more about my books, A Bond Unbroken and One Chance,  in the My Books tab of my blog.

Almost eight years ago, I began work on a historical fiction that has continued to grow and expand as I’ve worked on it (part-time). Watch this space to know if I (finally) fulfill my (fifth) New Year’s Resolution to complete the book.

6 responses to “About

  1. What are your submission guidelines for book reviews?

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Honestly, I review books that I download myself. But if there’s a book you’d like reviewed, I’d love to do it! You can simply let me know which book you want reviewed and I’ll take a look at its blurb. Assuming it’s something I think I can give a fair review to, I’ll take it up (But I read all genres of fiction so most books you send my way would be fine). Only thing is that my review would be honest and unbridled. Hope that works! Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter! 🙂

      • That’s fine. The book hasn’t been released yet, so it would be an edited manuscript or galley. I can email you the blurb, just to see your interest.

    • Also, thanks to your comment I realized that I actually need to update this page! Oops! Too busy reading books! 😉 Thanks for bringing my attention to that!

    • I finally updated this page. And I don’t think I ended up giving you my email address. It’s rishikasitlani@gmail.com
      I’d love to read the blurb!

  2. Amrit Gill

    Hey Rishika can you add me on
    skype amrit.re
    gmail- amrit@goldfishbrain.com

    We are looking for a proposal writer .

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