One Chance by Rishika Sitlani

Rosie Amber gives One Chance a 4 star rating! Have you picked up your copy of this short love story yet? It’s available exclusively in the Kindle store.

Rosie Amber

One Chance One Chance by Rishika S.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One Chance is a short story. Ava has had a whirlwind romance and is now happily married to Ethan. When a lawyer turns up at the house with papers for Ethan to sign, Ava’s world comes tumbling down.

Helena, Mississippi was a place from the past, full of pain, anger and family feuds. Ava ran away from the loss of her parents and made a new life for herself. When she finds out that Ethan is from the “Other” family she feels she can never forgive him.

What can Ethan do to save his marriage and prove to Ava that love and peace mean more to him than any past family? He goes to face his family to put to rest once and for all the terrible feuding.

This story is about forgiveness, letting go of anger and resentment…

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