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Review: Fallen Angels (By Judith Post)

Fallen Angels Source: Goodreads
Fallen Angels
Source: Goodreads

Length: 370 pages

My rating: 3 stars out of 5

Enoch stops Caleb from joining Lucifer, an act which results with his friend not being banished to the pit with Lucifer and his army. But Caleb’s rebellion does not go unpunished. Banished to Earth without the power of the Light, the fallen angel begins to wither away. But Caleb finds new life from the blood of mortals – and each mortal he feeds on gains his immortality… and his thirst for human blood. Caleb creates a race of vampires and Enoch is sent after him, to clear the mess that his friend created and convince Caleb to return home. But Caleb finds little need to return. And Enoch is left in the world of mortals, destroying the vampires who prey on innocent humans; and waiting for Caleb to change his mind.

When his hunt for a rogue vampire takes Enoch to the town of Three Rivers, he finds horrors of a human nature awaiting him. A serial killer is haunting the town and Enoch finds himself pulled deeper and deeper into the investigation. Until he meets Voronika. The vampire created by one of Caleb’s earliest creations is on the run from the man who held her for centuries. Becoming the cause of the killer losing one of his chosen victims, Voronika finds herself entwined in the investigation, and in Enoch’s ages long battle with Caleb.

Determined to protect the people of Three Rivers from Caleb’s creations that refuse to adhere to the fallen angels’ truce and from a deranged serial killer, Enoch is thrown into a battle that he cannot lose. And in the balance hang the lives of every human in Three Rivers.

My take:

There are many things I really appreciated and liked in Fallen Angels, and many things that irritated me too much to discount. That is the very reason I cannot give the book a rating greater than three, even though I did enjoy the book quite a lot. The story that Judith Post has penned is not one that is unheard of. But vampires against angels, although not a new concept, is one that is always interesting. Story-wise, the book was good. The author created her own version for the origin of vampires and it was definitely interesting.

The battle of good vampires against rogue vampires is not too uncommon either. Vampires being compassionate to humans and standing up against their counterparts who look at humans as nothing but food is a topic that has been broached before. But the angels’ truce that drives the battle in the book is a nice touch that explains this behavior perfectly. Then you have the rules that apply to the vampires. I thought that the author maintained great authenticity in the rules that govern vampires and their way of life, greatly influenced by the original Dracula by Bram Stoker. 

But what I didn’t like about the book was the writing style. Normally smooth, it often became very abrupt, jumping from dialogue to dialogue, point of view to point of view and situation to situation too quickly to follow. Sometimes, it became too difficult to tell when one person stopped speaking and someone else replied. While this might not seem like a major concern, it definitely went a long way in disrupting the flow and can be quite a turn off for some readers. The second thing that I found greatly annoying were the intimate scenes. They went from two lines to one page and really abrupt to long and drawn out without any evident reason. But all the scenes were written quite aesthetically, making this fault one that can be ignored if you’re not one to be too bothered about that chapter of a story anyway.

In my opinion though, the authenticity of the ways of vampires (as seen in Dracula which was one of the earliest books on the topic) along with the excellent character development made this book really interesting. Throw in the fact that the story, with all its twists and turns, was quite gripping and engaging, and you get a book that you would definitely not want to miss out on if you are a fan of anything vampire related.

Fallen Angels has it all – good vampires, bad vampires, angels, mystery, thrills, murder, suspense and characters you can relate to comfortably – making it a book that you can read at any time. I picked it up when I wanted a fast paced, thrilling read and it did not disappoint. So, if you’re a fan of vampire fiction or like anything paranormal, you will enjoy Fallen Angels. And now that I have finished it, I will soon turn my attention to its sequel which, as I hear, is as interesting as the first part.

– Rishika


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