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Welcome, Aaryan and Sebastian!

This is Aaryan Gabriel and Sebastian Ishaan, my brother’s twin boys.

Aaryan Gabriel and Sebastian Ishaan

Born on the 15th of March, 2013, these two tots are just about ten days old. And yet, they’ve seen, in these ten days, with eyes that have just barely opened, more amazing things than many people get to see in a lifetime. And although I cannot be with them at this time, there are many things I would tell them if I was. So, I thought I’d tell them all of it anyway!

Dear kiddos!

Let me begin by introducing your Mom and Dad to you. Here they are, years before you were born.

The proud parents!

(That’s your Mom and Dad!)

Like any first time parents, the news that you were going to be born probably took them by surprise. But then, they found out that they were having two precious little babies at one time (something that’s not too common as you’ll learn) and all their worry gave way to boundless happiness.

The news of your coming travelled far and wide since your grandparents (your Mom and Dad’s parents) live in very different parts of the world. The news went to India, that’s where you Papa is from. There, the news was received by your grandparents. Then, the news went to Australia, which, like India, is reeealllyy far too! There, your other grandparents got the wonderful news! Yes, you have two sets of grandparents you lucky boys, you! And a couple of aunts too!

And that’s when the madness began!

Your Mom and Dad went crazy shopping for you. You were still months away from being born and yet, you already had a house getting refurnished in anticipation of your arrival, a spanking new bed that you two can share and keep each other company, decorations to remind you of how very cute you are and a whole lot of other stuff. But your Mom and Dad were not the only ones doing the shopping… your grandparents could barely contain their excitement too.

So while your new home in London was getting more and more full with each passing day and with things that you could use over a really long period of time, your grandparents, at two different ends of the world, were going a little shop hopping too! They were scouring every toy store they came across, they picked up every little outfit that they liked, they chewed the ears of salespeople just so that they could get you both matching outfits and they began packing everything into multiple suitcases… because one suitcase was just not enough. And then, they lugged these suitcases into large planes that flew them in from their homes, to yours.

By the time you were born, your Mom’s Mom and Dad’s Mom were already waiting in your new home for your arrival. They sat down and then stood up and then sat down again because waiting was just so difficult. Your Dad was going out of his mind waiting next to your Mom for you to arrive and your Mom could barely wait until she finally got to see you!

And finally, after making everyone wait, in homes, hospitals and next to the telephone (that’s where I was waiting in hope of some news!), you were born!

And the madness continued.

More shopping, more packing and more lugging around later, your grandfathers arrived to see you. And after that moment, no one could stop seeing you. They would peek into your crib when you were sleeping just to look at you. They knew that this could wake you up, but they just couldn’t keep away. They fight for a moment to get to hold you because everyone wants to hold the cute little bundles that you are for as long as possible! And they discuss to great lengths whether you should wear the plain white baby suit or the one with the little lines because you just have to look as cute as you truly are.

You wonderful little kiddos don’t know it yet, but this is the beginning of a new life for your Mom and Dad and their Mom(s) and Dad(s) too! Separated by physical distances, these people have been brought close together as a family because of the love they all feel for you. And that will never change. Every one of them will celebrate the day you first turn over onto your side, the first time you crawl, the first time you speak, your first day of school, your last day of school and every other achievement that comes before, during or after. There will be long conversations over the phone where you will be the only ones they want to talk about and through which every little bit of news related to any little thing that you do will be conveyed. They will even argue because they all want whatever they think is the best for you two!

You see, everyone loves you, more than you’d ever think possible. And every day that they see you and hold you, that love only grows. You will, forevermore, have a family that will stand by you and cheer at every little thing you do. Because that’s what this family has always done. And standing right next to your Mom and Dad and Grandmommas and Grandpoppies, I will be too!

PS: Here are your grandparents, holding on to you for as long as possible before they have to leave to go back to their homes and back to life where they’ll spend most of their time wondering what you’re up to!

That’s Your Dad’s Dad!

(That’s your Dad’s Dad!)

Your Mom’s Dad! (That’s your Mom’s Dad!)


Your Dad’s Mom!

(That’s your Dad’s Mom!)

Your Mom’s Mom!

(That’s your Mom’s Mom!)

PPS: Unfortunately, I am not there to hold you and cuddle you and spoil you rotten. Right now, I have to be happy with sitting by the phone and hearing about every little thing you do! But that’s for now. Someday, I’ll get the chance to spoil you rotten… in person!

– Rishika


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